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La Mision, Mexico Orphanage Trip Memorial Day Weekend

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This weekend service trip is open for all who want to serve.

In partnership with Ensenada Church of Christ and Door of Faith Orphanage, Metro LA Church of Christ & Downtown Skyline Church are creating an community service weekend.

Your price includes 3 night cabin stay on the orphanage premises. Each room includes bunk beds, a kitchen, and seating area. We will be cooking our own meals.

You can check out Door of Faith Orphanage at


  • Have passport or 2 forms of ID (one has to be a government issued picture ID)

  • Children must have government issued picture ID as well. Passport is preferred.

  • Bring bedding and pillow (only mattress is provided)

  • Register each person individually their own form below and pay $95 for each adult attendee & $75 for each minor attendee (non-refundable)

Registration $95 per adult and $75 for children 17 & under

The price includes 2-3 meals/day and lodging. Transportation can be coordinated with the Orphanage Service Trip Coordinator but you are responsible to make sure you get a ride.

To register, you must fill out the form, one per person including adults and children.

We are asking for monetary donations to give to the children and orphanage to enhance the trip.

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